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about us

Our story

We founded Tri County Disposal (TCD) because we saw an exciting opportunity to serve an unfulfilled need in the waste disposal business.  Shortly after college Brandon joined a large farming operation in the central valley and immediately noticed a need for a better way to handle waste from the farm.  Traditional waste removal services either had bins which were too small or too large and were very costly.  As he looked for a solution and tried a few options, nothing worked the way he wanted. After talking to numerous other farmers who were having the same issues Brandon knew he was not alone and set out on his own to found TCD with the goal of revolutionizing the disposal industry.

Previous experience had taught Brandon that there was a need for small to medium sized dumpsters with low sides in the roll-off business.  Farmer’s needed dumpsters will lower sides to easily throw debris over the side as well as fast service.  Contractors needed more trucks that could navigate tight spaces and containers that could address new jobsite requirements.  A higher level of service was also a necessity, with quick delivery times and a simplified ordering process.  Brandon implemented technology for a smart, easy, and polished solution, enabling farmers, contractors, and residential customers to rent a dumpster with the click of a button so they could go on with their day.

Brandon knew that making customers call to reserve a dumpster or wait several days to receive a dumpster was simply unacceptable.  TCD would do things differently. The ordering process would be as simple as clicking a button. Delivery would be fast, even same day if needed.  Customers would receive timely updates via text on the status of their roll-off bin.  Service would be cheerful and reliable.  In other words, every customer would be better off after contacting TCD and never worse.

The goal of TCD is to become a household name among farmers, contractors, and residential homeowners as we continue to grow and offer exceptional service. Together we can keep our communities clean.

our values

No Complaints

We are grateful.Our atmosphere is positive.We change what we can and accept what we can’t.

Grow People

We believe growing business is a byproduct of growing people.We invest in each other.We don’t ask anyone to do anything we are not willing to do ourselves.

Honor the Absent

We strive to treat people the way we want to be treated.We take issues to the person directly.We honor those not in the room.

Can Do

We believe most problems can be solved on the spot.How ‘bout now! Never say ‘no,’ say ‘yes’ and figure it out.We can find a way to get it done.


Our culture revolves around safety.We are safe on the road and on job sites.


Absolutely! It is our specialty. We pride ourselves on our same-day/next-day service commitment, and we will go above and beyond to ensure that our customers have the best dumpster rental experience possible. Give us a call or order online to request your same-day/next-day delivery.

Our containers are the roll-off model. This type of dumpster is perfect for construction, renovation, and large cleanup projects. TCD’s dumpsters come in 3 sizes 16, 20, and 25 yards. They are small enough to fit in tight spaces yet offer lots of room for all kinds of waste and debris.

For smaller projects or projects that require disposal of heavy materials, our 16-yard dumpster will be the best option. For larger projects like full-scale cleanouts or extensive remodels, our 25-yard dumpster is the ideal disposal solution as it allows for 100% more disposal volume and is only slightly larger.

Your container can be placed anywhere you’d like with the exception of muddy areas or steep slopes. We will work with you to ensure the container is placed exactly where you need it for your project.

No. We place all our dumpsters on boards to protect all surfaces. We are committed to ensuring your property is not damaged during the delivery or pickup of our dumpsters.

No, you do not. Our technology platform is designed to give you proactive updates on your order including live text message updates with an ETA on your delivery. Once the delivery is complete, you will receive a text message confirmation of your delivery.

Most non-hazardous waste is allowed in your dumpster rental. If you have an item(s) you are uncertain about, just give us a call and we are happy to assist and will let you know if it is allowed.

You will receive a list of items which are prohibited by the state of California prior to delivery. If you need a list prior to delivery, please contact us and we will be happy to provide one. Or you can check out our blog post located here. Some of the prohibited items are

• Batteries

• Paints (oil, aerosol, or water based) • Fuels and Oils

• Poison, Insecticides, Pesticides, Herbicides

• Fluorescent Bulbs

• Asbestos

• Propane Tanks

• Microwaves

• Tires

• Appliances with freon

• Televisions and computers

• No more than five cubic yards of dirt, rock, concrete, or heavy material.

Yes. 2 tons are included with your dumpster rental, and up to 6 tons is allowed. Each additional ton above 2 tons will be billed at $95/ton.

All containers should be filled with the weight distributed evenly. Depending on the type of material, dumpsters can be filled level to the top of the container. Heavy materials (dirt, brick, rock, concrete, ect..) should be limited to 5 cubic yards to ensure that the weight limit is not exceeded. For safety, overloaded containers may require the customer to offload excess material before the container can be hauled safely at the cost of the customer.

The total cost to rent a dumpster will vary by the size of the dumpster and the duration of the rental. A 25-yard dumpster rented for 7 days will cost $475 as long as the weight does not exceed 2 tons. If the weight exceeds 2 tons an additional fee of $95/ton will be added.